Is Summer Camp a Vacation for Head Lice? No way!

Summer Camp and a Long Lice Vacation means no more teachers, and no more books.

Oh, it’s that special time of year when we pack up the kids for summer camp. They’ll be making the kind of memories that last forever. Get ready for tales of campfires, crafts, lakes and lice. Yes, lice! If you’ve ever been to camp, you know it’s true. Head lice infestations are as common there as head colds or any other community health nuisance. You’re probably used to practicing a certain amount of vigilance during the school year, so we don’t want to alarm you—just remind you that lice won’t be taking a summer vacation unless it’s with the kids who carry them along. A few simple steps toward prevention or exposure reduction will give your child the best shot of enjoying long, louse-less days while away.

Be Informed About Camp Policy. Many camps will perform an initial (dry) head check upon drop-off. Ask whether they perform regular checks afterwards and, if so, how often. Will counselors or just infirmary staff perform the checks? Are they trained to identify both nits and adult lice? Camp staffers are just as susceptible to lice as the kids, so chances are good they will be on the lookout for it. But do they know how to handle a head lice infestation? Make sure you understand how staff is trained to deal with infestations, especially if there is an on-site treatment approach or no-nit, call-for-pickup policy. It’s important that your child is not exposed to harmful chemicals for “preventive” treatment or due to inexperienced care providers.

Inform Your Child About Head Lice. A calm talk about head lice is just as important as arming kids with sunscreen and bug spray. A quick identification lesson and a gentle reminder not to have hair-to-hair contact, share bunks or trade hair brushes should do the trick.

Our Lice Happens motto is the perfect way to turn a serious discussion into a pep talk: “No shame, no blame!” C’mon, say it with us! No shame, no blame! For all the kids who will get it despite your best efforts, there’s no need for them to suffer in silence or turn their backs on new-found friends.

There is easy Post-camp Care. What better way to welcome your child home than with a quick head inspection? Well, maybe start with a hug. Laundering items before putting them away in drawers and closets is more likely to take care of other “hitchhikers” besides head lice, since they won’t live long without a scalp to feed on. But just because your kids are home doesn’t mean they are home free. If you see any signs of head lice, we are here to help. Our professional mobile lice treatment service is ready to answer your questions or provide professional and confidential head lice removal in your home. Maybe you can get in a few lazy days of summer, after all.

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